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Home Advice Advice 2: Teak Cleaning
Advice 2: Teak Cleaning

With many years of detailing and shipwright work, Teak decks are always an issue with maintenance, to oil, varnish or to leave bare?  Owners are always misinformed about the ammount of work required once you have varnished a teak deck, this is by far the worst thing you can possibly do, as it will peel in time due to various factors and oils found in the timber, as well as UV damage, wear and tare.

The best advice I have been given by leading old school yachties who specialise in teak and the like is to leave it bare. Never oil or add any form of teak sealer on it. You just don't make any progress that will suffice for this method of protection.

Cleaning teak is relatively simple, and I have come across many detailing companies here in Australia that use pressure washers to clean decks...STOP! this grains the timber and it will need to be pulled up and replaced well short of it's life cycle. As are those that use wire brushes and rub along and down the grain to clean, the same thing, stop that right away, you may as well use a chisel at that rate! Use a soft brush and work it diagonally across the timber grain.

GRP Marine stocks the best product on the market to wash your deck with 2-3 times a year to keep timber brown, looking fresh and clean all year round. It simply is amazing and we hope to have it marketed well and stocked throughout the country. 21 stores will be stocking this product in the near future, GRP marine are moving in leaps and bounds with new products offered to yachtsmen like you, from abroad. We are competitive, the product is cheaper than current local products, more biodegradable and work as directed.

These are a few basic steps to follow to ensure your teak remains new and looking  it's best for years to come. Please ask for any other advice or queries you may have.

GRP Marine Services are the Australasia & Pacific Distributors for Wessex Chemical Factors Teak Cleaner and Renovator,June 2011

You will never go back to any other teak cleaning treatment method or product. Teak Minus/Plus, deckswood, malouf magic, teak wonder, semco etc do not come close to the quality of this product or the finish achieved. Any test is welcomed.

NO more hard scrubbing required, how about the product does the work for you in a quarter the time it takes other products and have a better finish at the end. This is the Best Teak cleaning product on the Market in Australia and New Zealand, any tests are welcome.

This is a 2 part system to clean and renovate your teak decking or furniture. View gallery pictures of Before, During and After pictures to see how well  the WCF Teak products perform.

It has no competition in regard to usage, finish achieved and that little work it requires to do its job. It is stocked at well known chandlery stores across Brisbane. If you should require and user reviews, they will soon be added to the site and there for you to see. It is cheaper to use, you get more product and it can also be used to clean any other type on timber or garden furniture and decking as long as it is not varnished. It will remove all old oils and dyes on it, leaving it fresh and new. You can now commence re oiling and treating.

GRP Marine offers does free test trials, we only hav eto do 2x2" square for you to see the transformation from dirty old grey teak decking to a new fresh sanded deck. Feel free to email us and ask for a trial booking at no cost to you, within a reasonable distance. We will travel to you and of 30 trials done so far, not one has not bought product from me after a trial, so good is this product.

For further information on WCF products visit, We have secured 21 leading Marine chandlery stores to stock and retail this product, tested individually by them and orders were placed that same day to stock it. They are listed on the main page if you scroll down and read the information there. Just another one of the World Class leading products offered to Yachtsmen down under by US,  from proven tests and years of usage by people like you!