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GRP Marine strives to provide a professional and friendly service, by offering a wide range of luxury yacht services, tailored to the individual client needs.

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GRP Marine has many years experience in yacht repairs, both sail and powerboats alike. Any size from 10ft right up to 300ft super yachts! No job is to big or small for us.

Vision X Lighting systems are now proudly offered to the marine and leisure market by us here at GRP Marine Services. Quality LED and HID lighting at its best. Visit our online store to see what suits you best, for your yacht, cruiser, runabout, 4WD or ATV/UTV or more, such is the range and diversity of these lights.

GRP Marine  offers  WCF Professional Teak Cleaner and Renovator. View the gallery for pictures of Before and After shots, and even better make an appointment to have us do a test patch for you. You will be so amazed at the ease of use, the cost and the finish, looking as though it has just been laid or sanded back such is this great product. Another main reason Sunseeker Superyachts UK use this as their only Teak Cleaning and Renovation system-Proven to outclass all the other products on the market. You will be amazed at its ease of use, how far one set of product goes, being a concentrate you dilute it accordingly to the condition of your decks, badly weathered  you use a 5:1 dilution and lighlty weathered you would use  it at 10:1 dilution rate. is the home site, visit for reviews and product information.


Blue Bio is another quality Eco friendly  Range or products consisting of Blue Bio Toilet Fluid, Blue Bio Odour Eroder and Blue Bio Multi Purpose Bathroom, Shower and Kitchen Cleaner.  Visit our website for a list of stockists and information. They outperform most of the current chemical products on the market and you will be doing your bit to help lower your footprint on the Planet, as well as using non toxic products that afferct our health as well as poluting the environment and our precious waterways.

All these products are directly available to purchase off our website. If you would like any further assistance then please do contact us via the link by email, or telephone.

Grp Marine offers market leading products, along with it's reputation for using well known branded products to do your work and repairs. We are innovative, think ahead and save you money where we can.

We have done many jobs over a wide range of boats from all spectrums and countries to some of the World's Best renowned manufacturers, including custom refits, moulding work, spray painting... if we can't do it, We can point you in the right direction.

We aim to achieve a professional job in a reasonable timescale. Having had  over 17 years of boat building experience in the repair and build sectors you are sure to have the best services offered to you. Many years were spent in the United Kingdom, having earned a good reputation with clients and surveyors alike, yacht brokers and marinas. Our aim is to get the job done quickly,efficiently and  professionally.

No matter where you may have your boat, its your pride and joy and we treat it with due care and attention. Your boat will have a complimentary wash should it be dirty from work being carried out on it. All deck surfaces are covered to prevent marks and scuffs from tools, and should anything be damaged we will repair it promptly.

We use market leading brands across our spectrum of products to ensure the best quality is achieved in all our work, no matter how small they may be.

Please enquire with any questions you may have and call me us if it is urgent. Here at GRP Marine, we work with you to achieve the desired finish.We get the job done!