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Cosmetic Repairs: Gelcoat

GRP Marine offer a fast reliable repair service. We undertake all types of cosmetic repairs, be it Gelcoat chips, scratches,fractures or damage resulting from collissions. All work is welcome to inspection by any Independent Surveyor to give you peace of mind with regard to a Quality repair that will not return.

Our work is done efficiently, using high grade materials and products. Our shipwrights have many years of experience, with very high standards of work. Once he has completed a gelcoat repair for you, you will not see it, he can match almost any colour gelcoat to blend in with the Gelcoat on your boat, should it be 1 year old or 20 years old. He will do his best to  blend it in and you will have a  task finding it once completed!

Take a look at previous work he has completed and you will see the high standard of work he offers boat owners.



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