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Advice 3: Detailing

Polishing and detailing of your boat can become a long and expensive process if you use the cheap or wrong materials. Always use products designed for gelcoats  and composites. They do the job and though more expensive, the finish achieved will last longer and not damage your gel or painted surfaces. You will avoid staining your gelcoat should you use a faster or cheaper product unknowingly. If you get someone to detail your boat, a finishing polymer polish should be used on painted surfaces to seal and protect, hand application is advised unless they have many years of experience. If not, you will only be letting them machine off thin layers of your beautiful paint to produce a good finish, or burn it by excessive compounding and machine buffing.

GRP marine are specialits at Gelcoat restoration. Contact us for advice, a free trial or a quote.

At GRP Marine we use TC Nano to achieve the best possible finish that lasts and will have your berth neighbours asking what you have used, guaranteed!

TCNano, a clean seal and polishing product all in one, extremely UV stable and resistant, apply it annualy and you will never machine buff again! Any gelcoat and paint system, it works wonders. You can buy this direct from us off our Ebay store via this link-