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GRP Marine strives to provide a professional and friendly service, by offering a wide range of luxury yacht services, tailored to the individual client needs.

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Home Services

GRP Marine offers a wide range of services, including the following:
  • Repairs
    GRP Marine offers full advice and repair options for your specific needs.
  • Alterations
    What ever alterations you may require, let us help you, interior or exterior, resprays, grp work, engineering or electrical systems, we can advise accordingly.
  • Refits
    We have the expertise to undertake and restore and renovate your entire yacht with industry professionals at hand to assist.
  • Custom Mouldings
    GRP Marine will design plugs, molds and manufacture a finished item to your requirements. We work in a variety of GRP Industries, Commercial, Industry or Private projects are undertaken.
  • Cosmetic Repairs
    GRP Marine are specialists at cosmetic repairs and fractures, you will never see a repair done by us.
  • Osmosis Treatment
    GRP Marine offers Proven and widely used Lloyds approved repair methods after years in the UK market. We have the best equipment and the latest technology at hand.


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