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GRP Marine strives to provide a professional and friendly service, by offering a wide range of luxury yacht services, tailored to the individual client needs.

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GRP Marine strive for fast up to date methods of work and standards to ensure any repairs undertaken are of the highest standard.

A wide range of repairs are done by GRP marine, collission damage to topsides of hulls from another boat or object. Major repairs are no problem, stringers and bulk heads can be removed if damaged and replaced to fit perfectly. I have undertaken huge repairs measuring almost 2 metres long by 1.5 metres high. The whole area had to be rebuilt and faired in to complement the boats shape. Matching the colour is the next step, this boat had been professionally painted, but with codes on hand for the paint, it was resprayed and done  to the highest standard. The owner could not believe the finish presented to him.

Non-skid tread on deck can also be repaired should you have grp fractures in it, or for some reason you have damaged it by dropping something on it. Or simply you may want to have a new area done with non skid decking, either molded or anti-skid particles to suit your deck.

Any of the work done is always open to any independent surveyor for inspection. We will always use a surveyor on  large repairs to protect myself against claims of poor workmanship and to assure you that your boat is being repaired to quality standards.

As you may have seen, we undertake custom moldings and alterations to grp, deck, hull, internal or external parts of your boat. Holes or fittings can be added, filled or modified to accommodate new fixtures.

Paint Scratch repairs are also done, We have many years of professional painting experience, and will match almost any work previously done if not better.

Anything you want repaired, modified or renewed, added or taken off your boat or yacht, please send me an email or call  for a free quote.

GRP marine use market leading brands and not cheap inferior products. We strive to be the best and so our work demands the best. If you choose inferior parts, products or cheap so called cowboys to repair your boat, you are  not only being ripped off but your life may be at stake out at sea, where there are no second chances. I have known people to lose their vessel  where skinfittings have come loose and leaked, bow thruster tubes have delaminated as the repairs had no idea of what they were doing.

GRP marine's quality of work is high and you will feel reassured having work done by us.



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